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So what's happening?

I can't say how many times I sat down to write a post over the last nine months and had nothing really to say. Holidays, vacations, storms, elections - all of these things came and went. My highlights of the year include visiting seraphtrevs and her wonderful family back in July, the President getting re-elected, and surviving another hurricane. No tornadoes this time, but my area was so damaged that the school district I work in was shut down for a week. But many people were so completely devastated by the storm that there's no real reason for me to go into detail about my experience as it just pales in comparison.

So instead, here is a picture: my parakeet, the prettiest bird ever. ;-)



Sweet Jeebus

My little brother turns 30 today.

Holy crap. It was one thing when it was me last year, but it's almost stranger when it's him.

I should probably call my parents sometime today. It's got to be even weirder for them. :-P


Holy moly

It sounds terrible outside - between the wind, the torrential rain, and sirens, I doubt very much I'll get any sleep tonight. Anxiety over any tornadoes that pop up, too, is a concern: in the town I live, no one has a basement, so even if I were to knock on the doors of my downstairs neighbors, I imagine that it won't be enough to save any of us.

Happily, the electric has only flickered a few times, though this is it for me - I'm powering down the computer next until this storm (that is the freaking size of Europe!) is eventually through with us.

Be safe, everyone.

You've got to be kidding me...

So after our little earthquake this week, I saw plenty of West Coasters' tweets making fun of us out here in the east. Well, I have to throw it out there: how many times have you had to deal with both an earthquake and a major hurricane in the same week?

Go away, Irene! XP


Is it inappropriate to feel giddy after experiencing my first earthquake? Initial reports are of a magnitude 5.8 centered in Virginia. But it was totally amazing...!

Michele Bachmann for President?!

Every time I turn on the news, I'm blown away that Michele Bachmann is still thought so highly as being a viable presidential candidate for the Republican Party next year. During her interview today on Meet the Press, the policy questions she was asked pertained primarily to those dealing with the economy and the debt ceiling (wherein she maintained her party's stance on cutting spending and not raising taxes on big corporations, and continued to go against her party by defending her position of voting against raising the debt ceiling). When asked to justify her position on the debt ceiling (voting to not raise the debt ceiling and thereby opening our country to the economic fallout of going into default), she stated that she voted the way the people of the country wanted her to vote - that because polls showed that many Americans were against raising the debt ceiling (synonymous with allowing us to accumulate more debt), she would stand by what the people want.

It seems like a virtuous tack to take, too; politicians are elected to be the "voice" of the people in essence, but in practical terms, it's completely unrealistic. People vote for politicians to make important decisions based on all of the facts of a situation - many of which us "ordinary" people are unaware of or do not take the time to fully understand. In the case of the debt ceiling, while I'm a person for whom my elected officials are working, I am also not an economist. I don't think my opinions on an economic decision can be taken as directives. My opinions may not be based on all of the facts of the situation, and I may be (actually am) ignorant of all of the machinations of the financial world. So in essence, I find Bachmann's response that her vote was reflecting the will of the people to be a complete cop-out. In fact, it's fairly insulting: the vote to not raise the debt ceiling was not the right decision because it could have caused more havoc for our economy, but because she can't go back and change her vote, she can blame her decision on her constituents. "Well, it's what they wanted" doesn't strike me as being competent decision-making; instead, it's playing a blame-game.

Today's interview then shifted gears to ask Bachmann personal questions about her religious and social views (the answers to which, while important, were not new, and something that, if I were to write about it, would just make my socially-liberal blood pressure go up). But what I wanted to see was a question or two about her ideas on foreign policy. Because if there's one thing that many people can agree on about President Obama is that he has achieved much in the way of repairing our image in the international community. Aside from bombing Libya with drones and straining relations with Pakistan over killing Bin Laden (oh well!), President Obama has been a leader in restoring confidence in the United States for our allies. Let's be clear: under President Bush, we became a laughingstock on the international scene, and that viewpoint has been changed overseas within the last three years. And I just can't see an uber-socially-conservative, right-wing-focused candidate like Bachmann making the same headway on the international stage. Her inability, as demonstrated this morning, to straightforwardly answer questions posed to her about domestic issues and policies will not sit well for those of us who require a president who can think fast on his or her feet in the face of an international crisis.

And this is just how I feel about Bachmann - just wait until we get more sound bites and clips from George Bush 2.0... er, I mean, Governor Rick Perry! Because another term or two with a guy who is a W-wannabe is exactly what we need... :P



I can't stand John Boehner! Go on, keep blaming the current administration for our nation's debt. People's memories are better than you give us credit for. I remember the Bush years quite clearly.

I find it also quite grating that he asked for TV time just minutes after our President's address. It just comes across as petty. I teach elementary students who posture less childishly than he has recently.



Happy Birthday to ME!

My bestest friend seraphtrevs wrote me DS9 fic for my birthday: They Stumble That Run Fast. :D :D

It is totally in-character Garak/Bashir that is completely made of win.

You know what else is cool? I was twelve when this show came out (1993, kids) and a senior in high school when it ended. And yet, it is timeless. Heh, just like me. Because I still feel exactly the same way I did at 20 now that I'm 30. So there! =D =D =D

(Also, my knowing seraphtrevs predates DS9. We are both timeless and classic.)



I love Castle so much. Tonight's episode paid homage to The X-Files, plus it had some other fun sci-fi show references in it. I love the banter between each of the characters, too. ::happy sigh::


Tonight for dinner: ice cream, chips, and cookies.

... what?

That's not how you starve a cold? Oops.

I just can't help picking up respiratory ailments because little kids tend to cough in my face constantly. There are three of us teachers that I know of who work with primary kids, and we're all of us fighting the squeaky-voice and sore throat. I swear I pick it up whenever I have to tie shoes. If you're kneeling in front of a first grader, forget it, man. You're in the firing zone for air-borne germs.

I just want to be better for Saturday because I'm hopping a bus down to D.C. to see Jon Stewart & Co. at their Rally for Sanity. I think it's going to be a blast - even if there are so many people down there that it's hard to see anything (that's what DVR is for).

Also, Halloween! I love Halloween - I'm going to drive over to my parents' house to help give out candy. I've even got a choice of costumes this year: pirate or mad scientist. Muahahahaha.

Lastly, the election! I can hardly wait to vote. All the election brouhaha has been really interesting, and now I want to see how things turn out. Will the Republicans gain back a lot of control? Will the silent, rational, free-thinkers step up to keep a Democratic majority for both the House and the Senate? The suspense is getting to me! =D